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Console, Sidecar Consoles, Recorders, Monitors, Cue System, Mic Pres and EQs, Dynamics, Effects, Direct Boxes, Mics, Synths, Amps, Keyboard Intruments, Drums, Guitars and Basses, and Pedals.


Neve A4345 - 40 channels w/ 1095 EQs and Flying Faders. 32 channel monitor, 16 buss, and 8 aux sends. All class A 1272 and 1271 output amplifiers. Originally built for Nova Sound, London. The console has all of the best parts of an 8048 merged with the ergonomic and functional layout of an 8078. We have seen many Neve consoles over the years and this is definitely one of the best....so we bought it! The console has been expertly re-capped and fitted with a Custom Purple Audio Master Section. We are in the process of replacing all of the relays with sealed Aromat NF relays, building all new TT patch bays, and integrating a number of modifications including insert defeat switches for each channel. Also planned is a separate stereo Mix buss with it’s own assign and pan controls.

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Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 track, 1/4" 2 track, or 1/2" 4 track heads - fully rebuilt
Ampex MM1200 2" 16 track or 24 track or 1" 8 track - fully rebuild and modified
Pro Tools HD3 Accel with:
16 channels of Prism ADA8 Dream I/O
16 channels of 192 I/O
Mytek DAC for iTunes and 2 track playback
Technics SL1200 Turntable and Tascam 122 cassette decks also available

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ATC Custom Far Field Monitors w/ tweeter, mid driver, and 2x 9" woofers per cabinet, plus 2x Sub1's
ADAM S3A near fields
Bryston 4B Amplifier
Studer Speaker

KRK E7 powered near fields
Proac Studio 1 near fields
Yamaha NS10M nearfields

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Cue System:

Mytek Private Q w/ 7 mixer stations
Beyer DT770 & DT100, Fostex T20RP & T40RP, Sony DJ700, and AKG K240 Headphones

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Mic Pres and EQs :

Amek Medici Mastering Equaliser (designed by Rupert Neve)
Amek 9098 Mic Pre/Equalizer designed by Rupert Neve (2)
API 550a EQ (4) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
API 560 EQ (4) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
BSS FDS-310 crossover
Clark Stereo Filter Set (designed by Gordon Clark)
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Processor
Eisen Audio LilPEQr EQ (2) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Eisen Audio Preamp w/Beyer transformer & BTI op amp in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Focusrite ISA215 Stereo Mic Pre/Equalizer
Klangfilm RZo62b and RZ062a Tube EQ 's (7)
Lang PEQ-1 Tube EQ(2)
Lang PEQ-2 EQ
Millennia Media NSEQ-2
Moog 3 Band Parametric EQ
Neve 1095 (40) [in studio console]
Pultec HLF-3 Passive Filter
Pultec LCS-2 Passive Filter
Pultec EQP1A3 Tube EQ (2)
Pultec MEQ5 Tube (2)
Purple Audio Biz "custom" preamp (1) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Purple Audio Biz Mk preamp (4) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Purple Audio ODD EQ (2) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Purple Audio Pants Preamp (2) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Purple Audio TAV Graphic EQ (2) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
Telefunken TAB V76 Tube Mic Pre (4)
Trident B Range Mic Pre/EQ (4)
UREI 546 Stereo Parametric EQ

Cinema 4031B Filter Set (2)
Custom Built Platinum Research Stereo Tube Mic Preamp
Scully 280 Electronic/ Mic Pres (2)

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ADR Compex F760X-R Stereo Compressor
Ashley SC-50 (2)
Behringer Intelligate
CCA LA1D Tube Limiter
Collins 26U-2 StereoTube Limiter
dbx 160 VU Compressor (2)
dbx 165 Compressor (2)
dbx 902 De-esser (4)
Drawmer 1968 Stereo Compressor
Drawmer DS501 Gate
Empirical Audio Distressor
Eventide 2830 OmniPressor
Gates SA-39B Tube Limiter
Gates Sta-Level Tube Limiter (2)
Neve 83046 (i.e. 33609) Stereo Compressor / Limiter (2)
Pendulum Audio OCL-2
Purple Audio MC-77 Compressor / Limiter (2)
Purple Audio Action Compressor (2) in Purple Audio Sweet Ten "500" Rack
RCA BA-6A Tube Limiter
SPL De-esser
SPL Transient Designer TD4
Teletronix LA-2a (HX100 input) Compressor/Limiter (2)
Universal 175b Tube Limiter (2)
Urei LA3A Opto Compressor/Limiter (2)

Behringer Intelligate
dbx 160 VU Compressor (2 more)
Purple Audio MC-77 Compressor / Limiter (2 more)

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ADR Panscan
AKG BX-20E Spring Reverb
AMS DMX-1580S Delay/Harmonizer
Boss CE-300 Chorus
Boss GI-100 Guitar Driver (2)
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Processor
Deltalab DL-5 Harmonizer
Deltalab Effectron II
EMT 250 Reverb
EMT-140 Stereo Plate Reverb w/ Martech Upgrades & motors (2)
Eventide Orville
Eventide SP-2016
Ibanez AD230 Analog Delay
Klark Teknik DN-780
Korg KP3
Korg SDD1000
Korg SDD2000
Lexicon 200
Lexicon 224
Lexicon 300L w/ LARC remote
Lexicon 93 Prime Time
Lexicon PCM-42
Loft 440 delay
Loft 450 delay
Master Room XL-305 Spring Reverb
Moog 12 Stage Phaser
Orban 111B Spring Reverb
Quantec QRS Room Simulator reverb
Roland Dimension D SDD-320
Roland SRE 555 Tape Echo/Reverb
TC Electronic D2
TC Electronic M5000 w ATAC remote
Tech 21 Sansamp Rack Guitar Preamp (2)
UREI Cooper Time Cube
URSA Major 8x32 MkII
URSA Major MSP-126 Multitap
URSA Major Space Station SST-282
Yamaha SPX-90

Deltalab Effectron II
Eventide FL-201 Instant Flanger
Eventide H910 Harmonizer w keyboard
Eventide H949 Harmonizer (2)
Eventide PS-101 Instant Phasor
Ibanez AD202 Analog Delay
Lexicon 93 Prime Time
URSA Major Space Station SST-282
Yamaha E1010 Analog Delay
Yamaha SPX2000

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Direct Boxes:

Avalon U5 Active Direct Box (2)
Passive Direct Box w/ Jensen transformer (2)
Passive Direct Box w/ Neve transformer (2)
Passive Direct Box w/ UTC LS series transformer (2)
Passive Direct Box w/ UTC A series transformer (2)
Retrospec Juice Box tube direct box (2)
Signal Transport 32 channel Synthdriver Plus

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AKG 451B (2)
AKG 452 (2)
AKG C12 Tube
AKG C12A (2) Tube
AKG C414 w/ CK12 brass capsules (2)
AKG C562BL Boundry PZM Mic (2)
AKG C60 (2) Tube
AKG C61 (2) Tube
AKG D-112
AKG D-12
AKG D-12E (2)
AKG D-36
AKG Vintage Lav Mic
Audio Technica AT2500
B&K Omni test mic
B&O BM6 (2) Ribbon
Beyer M130
Beyer M160 (2) Ribbon
Beyer M201 (2)
Beyer M320 (3) Ribbon
Beyer M201 / Revox M3500 (2)
Beyer M500 Ribbon
Beyer Soundstar (3)
Blue Ball
Brauner VM1 Tube
Coles/STC 4021
Coles/STC 4033a (2)
Coles/STC 4038 Ribbon (3)
Coles/STC 4104
DPA 4006 Omni (2)
DPA 4007 Omni (2)
Electro-Voice 664
Electro-Voice 665
Electro-Voice 666 (3)
Electro-Voice RE-10 (4)
Electro-Voice RE-15 (2)
Electro-Voice RE-20 (2)
Electro-Voice RE-38 (2)
Lomo Unmarked Dynamics (2)
Lomo 19A1 Tube
Lomo 19A3 Tube
Lomo 19A4 (3) Tube
Lomo 19A4 w/ large lollipop capsule Tube
Lomo 19A9 Tube
Lomo 19A13 (4) Tube
Lomo 19A18 (3) Tube
Lomo 19A19 (6) Tube
Microtech Gefell UM70 (2)
Neumann CMV563 w/ M7 and M9 capsules Tube
Neumann KM253 (2) Tube
Neumann KM254 (2) Tube
Neumann KM256/56 (2) Tube
Neumann KM264/64 (2) Tube
Neumann KM53 w/ 84 capsule Tube
Neumann KM54 w/ 84 capsule Tube
Neumann M49 (2) Tube
Neumann M149 Tube
Neumann M269 (2) Tube
Neumann M582 Tube
Neumann SM2 Stereo Tube
Neumann SM69 Stereo Tube
Neumann TLM170i (2)
Neumann TLM193
Neumann U47 Tube (3)
Neumann U47P w 3 capsules each (2)
Neumann U64 Tube
Neumann U67 (2) Tube
Neumann U87 (2)
Neumann UM57 Tube
RCA BK-5 (2) Ribbon
RCA BK-11 (2) Ribbon
RCA 44-BX (3) Ribbon
RCA 77A (2) Ribbon
RCA 77C Ribbon
RCA 77D Ribbon
RCA 77DX Ribbon
RCA KU-2A "Skunk" (2) Ribbon
RCA KU-3A (1) Ribbon
RCA Variacoustic (2) Ribbon
Royer 121 (2) Ribbon
Royer SF24 Stereo Phantom Ribbon
Schoeps 221b (2) Tube
Schoeps CM51/9 Tube
Schoeps CM640 (3) Tube
Schoeps CMC6U/MK4 (2)
Schoeps MK2 capsule
Sennheiser MD21
Sennheiser MD409 (4)
Sennheiser MD421 (6)
Sennheiser MD441 (4)
Sennheiser MKH405
Shure 275S
Shure 315 Ribbon Mic
Shure 415 Commando
Shure 548 Unidyne IV
Shure SM-5B
Shure SM-7 (2)
Shure SM-53
Shure SM-56 (3)
Shure SM-57 (3)
Shure SM-58 (2)
Shure SM-59 (2)
Shure SW109 Telephone
Sony APX207 (2) Tube
Sony C37A (4) Tube
Sony C500 (3)
Soundelux iFet
Tannoy Ribbon Mic (4)

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Instruments :

Synths & MIDI:
ARP 2600
Aries Modular (22 modules)
Bode Vocoder
EML Electrocomp 101 (2)
EML Electrocomp 400/401
Emu SP1200
Kawai K5000R
Kenton Pro KADI
Kenton Pro 2
Kenton Pro 4 (2)
Kenton Pro Solo
Korg Wavestation AD
Moog Minimoog
Oberheim OB8
Octave CAT
Octave Voyetra Eight
Oxford OSCar
Novation Remote 37SL Keyboard
Pearl Syncussion (2)
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland MC202
Roland MKS-80
Roland PC200 Keyboard
Serge Modular (9 panels)
Sequential Circuits Pro One
TBS Syncussion

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Amps :
Ampeg B-15N w/ Weber Cali 15 speaker
Ampeg B-15N w/ Altec 421A speaker
Ampeg B-15S
Ampeg B-15 extension cabinet
Ampeg SVT vintage head
Ampeg SVT 4x10 cabinet
Ampeg V-2
Ampeg VT-40
Custom Bass Cabinet w/ JBL D140F speaker
Fender 1960 Concert Amp
Fender Princeton Reverb 1968 w/ Weber C10Q
Fender Tonemaster head
Fender Tonemaster 2x12 cabinet
Fender Twin Reverb – Silverface (modded to Blackface & Weber speakers)
Gibson GA-79RVT
Gibson GA-90
Gretsch 2x12 tube combo
Harmony Vinage tube practice amp
Maestro (Gibson) GA-2RVT Deluxe Reverb Echo
Magnatone 260 Tonemaster brand
Magnatone 280
Magnatone 411
Magnatone 415
Magnatone 450
Magnatone Model 1210 Panaramic brand
Marshall Master PA 1969 50W
Marshall 1970’s 4x12 w/ Cream Back 25W
Matchless DC-30
Mesa Boogie Mark I
Oliver B120
Oliver B150R
Oliver Powerflex 500
Orange 1970's OR-120 Graphic
Orange 1970's Overdrive 120
Orange 4x12 cabinet
Panaramic 8” combo - Italian made (2)
Supro Super – small combo
Traynor YBA-1A Bass Master
Traynor 6x10 Cabinet
VHT 4x12 cabinet w/ Celestion Greenbacks and Vintage 30s
VHT Pitbull Classic 100W 2x12 combo
Vox AC-50

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Keyboard Instruments:
Gibson G101 Organ
Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 122 & 147
Rheem Key Bass
Rheem Mark VII organ
Rhodes 73 MkI Suitcase
Wurlitzer 214 (200a with speaker base)
Baldwin Hamilton Upright Piano

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Percussion :
Ludwig 1960's Keystone Badge Drum Set - 12, 14, 20
Ludwig 1970's B/O Badge Drum Set - 13, 15, 16, 18, 22
Ludwig 1970's B/O Badge Drums Set - 13 & 15 Concert Toms, 18, 24
Rogers 1959 Holiday Drum Set - 12, 13, 16, 20
Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drum Set - 10, 12, 13, 16, 22

Ayotte 10x6 wood rim snare
Brady 13x7 Jarrah Block snare
Brady 13x7 Jarrah Ply snare
Brady 14x6.5 Jarrah Ply snare
Brady 14x4 Jarrah Ply snare
Brady 14x6 Jarrah Ply snare
Gretsch 14x5 1960’s wood snare
Leedy & Ludwig 1950's 14x7 wood snare
Leedy & Ludwig 1950's 14x4 wood snare
Ludwig 1920's 14x4.5 metal snare
Ludwig 1970's Acrolite snare
Rogers 1959 14x6 Dyanasonic metal snare
Slingerland 14x7 brass snare
Yamaha 13x7 Akiro Signature wood rim snare
Yamaha 14x5 Bamboo snare
Yamaha 12x6 Maple Snare

Eames 26x14 Kick Drum
Ludwig 26x14 Kick Drum

Various Zilidjian, Paiste, and Bosphorus cymbals

Deagan 1103 Vibraphone
Large assortment of tamborines, shakers, hand drums, bells, and other percussion.


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Guitars And Basses:
Ampeg 1968 AEB-1 hollow body bass - Red
Ampeg 1960's AMB-1 hollow body bass - Black
Baldwin/Burns 1967 Double Six 12 string electric - Green
Fender 1966 Jazz Bass - Olympic White
Fender 1970's Precision Bass - Natural
Fender 1970's Mustang Bass - Natural
Gibson 1968 EB-2D hollow body bass - Walnut
Music Man 1976 Stingray Bass - Sunburst
Rickenbacker 1975 4001 - Natural
Fender 1970's Telecaster Custom - Rosewood Fingerboard - Sunburst
Fender 1974 Telecaster Custom - Maple Fingerboard – Black
G&L 1982 SC-1 - White
G&L 1982 SC-2 - White
Gibson 1960 Les Paul Junior - Brown
Gibson 1962 ES-330 - Red
Gibson 1963 Les Paul SG Junior - Red
Gibson 1968 ES-330 – Burgandy Sparkle
Gibson 1989 Les Paul Custom - Black
Guild 1989 Blonde Jumbo
Kramer 250G Walnut
PRS 1992 Custom 10 Top - Scarlet
Travis Bean TB1000S – Koa
Travis Bean TB1000S - Black

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Pedals :
Arbiter Fuzz Face - original 1966
Boss GE-7
Boss Heavy Metal Pedal
Diaz Tremadillo
Dunlop Fuzz Wah
Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Drum Machine
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Fulltone DejaVibe
Fulltone Fulldrive II
Fulltone Ultimate Octave
Ibanez FL-305 Flanger
Lovetone Doppleganger
Lovetone Meatball
Maestro Fuzztain
Maestro Stage Phaser
MMT Strange Master (Range Master clone)
Morley Pro Phaser
Morley PWF
Morley Pik Attack
Mutron Bi-Phase (2)
Mutron Octave Divider
Oberheim Phasor
Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Roland Bee Baa Fuzz
Roland Funny Cat
Roland Phase Five
Tech 21 XXL
Tech 21 Comptortion
Tech 21 Sansamp (original)
Univox Super Fuzz (older gray unit)
Univox Super Fuzz (later large unit)
Vox Wah Wah

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